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Star Renewable Energy - Dave PearsonDave Pearson is Star Renewable Energy's Director of Innovation and blogs for us about district heating, his speciality.  His background in the cooling industry working on industrial refrigeration design, compressors, automated freezer systems and, more recently, district heating systems in Europe and the UK makes him ideally placed to comment on renewable heating systems for large scale projects.  
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  • The Story of Success

    The Story of Success

    In the seventh blog in his series, Dave Pearson of Star Renewable Energy considers the underlying factors that contribute to success.

    02 July 2014

  • The importance of imagination and free thought for heat pumps

    The importance of imagination and free thought for heat pumps

    What lego has produced or certainly “moulded” are inquisitive minds, minds that appreciate that imagination and work leads to a novel outcome. 

    Dave Pearson discusses sourcing waste heat and renewable heat using heat pumps. 

    28 April 2014

  • Some Might Say...

    Some Might Say...

    The latest post on the heat pump industry from Dave Pearson of Star Refrigeration

    01 April 2014

  • Money Money Money

    Money Money Money

    Dave Pearson's latest post on district heating considers the economics of heat pump systems

    07 February 2014

  • Heat is all Around

    Heat is all Around

    Dave Pearson continues his series of posts about district heating on the subject obtaining heat from water.

    20 January 2014

  • Now pay attention this time Dougal!

    Now pay attention this time Dougal!

    In his latest post, Dave Pearson, from Star Refrigeration, evaluates district heating using heatpumps as an alternative to burning chemicals to keep us warm and heat our water, and puts some perspective on the technology.

    12 November 2013

  • Captain Caveman inspired District Heating?

    Captain Caveman inspired District Heating?

    I grew up in the 80s with various kids cartons such as Captain Caveman and Scooby Doo.

    What on earth have these got to do with 'District Heating' and how we re-set our approach to energy?

    By Dave Pearson - Star Refrigeration

    11 October 2013

Showing 1-7 of 7 results.

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